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And now there's a sneer fixed upon my face, directed at myself. The comforting weight of a glass in my hand. The kiss of ice against my lips. Take it into yourself, make it your own, as with all of life's little toys. Make of it what you will, not just your own. The whole point of this is experience, and experience is what you gain at the end of it all.

I stand upon the edge of the world. Feet braced on the railings. Ten thousand years of empty space below me. Dim lights in the distance, and a sneer upon my face. It's good to be alive, despite whatever rattles inside your head, whatever rides upon your shoulder or snaps at your heels. Deal with it, you piece of shit. So what if you can't sleep?

Work around it. Move on through. Get to the next screen, as they say. Snap the fetters that bind you, let the fuck go of everything, and just sink into it all.

Roll with it.

These probably won't last past the morning. Make of them what you will. No, wait, I'm lying. This random brainoverflow will last as long as it wants to. Until the next cleanup, until... Whenever. Black dog with me, let's go. Stare at the corner for a while, off into space. Disengage your mind and let the fingers flow free.

And type nothing.

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