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logogen 22:17:23::02:08:2004 --

I looked up; above me, far above me, I could make out the surface. It looked more like an impenetrable glass wall than the meeting of water and air. Light dappled through it, the faint refracted glow of neon from the streets, a kaleidoscope above my face. As far as I cared, the surface was as distant and meaningless as the invisible stars in the night sky. There was no way in hell I was going to be able to reach my hand out and touch either, any time soon.

Her weight dragged me down. The armour, that had previously given her such prodigious strength; immense speed; life; that armour was now going to kill us both. Her fingers were closed tightly around my own, I assume in desperation. She knew that short of a miracle, this was it. She'd drown, and be left down in the depths of the river as a rotting, rusting edifice, the exoskeleton her final undoing.

I almost felt sorry for her, as I kicked her in the smooth curve of metal where her face should be. Whilst she was sinking, I had the chance to swim. If I could get free of her fingers. I kicked out again, my boot moving slowly through the water to scrape pointlessly against her featureless visage.

That was about when I realised that I wasn't getting out of this, either. That, and that my lungs were about to explode.

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